Design of dust monitoring system based on Arduino

时间:2021-10-10 16:33:53

In recent years, with the rapid development of China's economy, the environmental quality has been significantly reduced. Dust in the atmosphere is not only easy to be inhaled by the human body, but also affects the visibility of the atmosphere, so the monitoring and control of dust is one of the important responsibilities of environmental protection departments. However, because dust concentration is easily affected by air humidity, temperature and other factors, it is very important to monitor dust concentration accurately and at any time.

In order to solve this problem, we connect the GP2Y1010AU dust sensor with the Arduino MEGA 2560 development board, and edit the Arduino program to detect the dust concentration in the atmosphere. Dust in the air is collected by the sensor, and the data can be processed by Arduino single chip microcomputer, which can directly display the dust content in the atmosphere.

This method has two advantages as follows. First, the dust concentration data can be collected every second to update the data in real time. Second, the equipment size is small, the position of sensor installation can be basically distributed in every corner of the city, that is to say, the dust monitoring points can be increased and the local dust concentration can be monitored, so the final data can be more credible.

The prospect of the project is broad, and dust can be monitored online at any time. On the one hand, all the monitoring data can be aggregated and processed centrally through the gateway, which can provide real-time and effective data for the upper management to help the management to make decisions. On the other hand, the data can be transmitted through the Internet of things to users or cleaning equipment in polluted areas, allowing them to respond automatically.